Watch Kendall Jenner Give a Tour of Her Childhood Home

Kelsey Clark

Kendall Jenner is the new face of September's Vogue, as well as the fashion magazine's latest conquest in their "73 Questions" video series. Between answering light-hearted questions like, "What is the most absurd nickname anyone has ever given you?" and "Who is your spirit animal?" (answer: Tupac Shakur), Jenner gives an impromptu tour of mumager Kris Jenner's Calabasas home. 

While fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians are more than familiar with the Kardashian/Jenner sanctuary after 12 seasons of the show, this video manages to uncover some surprises. Jenner's revealing responses to Vogue's rapid-fire home inquiries, such as "What's your favourite memory in this home?" and "What's your favourite holiday to celebrate in this home?" shed a new, more personalised light on the famous family's abode.

Watch Kendall Jenner give a tour of her childhood home below (with cameos by Kris and Scott), and subscribe to the supermodel's website for more.



Opening Image: Vogue

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