Kelly Wearstler Spills the Secrets to Her Success

Julia Millay Walsh
Interior designer, fashion designer, and all-around style star Kelly Wearstler is a creative force to be reckoned with. The designer of envy-inducing, maximalist homes (like Cameron Diaz's West Village digs), numerous Viceroy hotels, and a fashion and home décor line, as well as an author of four gorgeous books and mother to two, she does at all. So, how does she do it? Wearstler recently chatted with baby gear site Crickets Circle, which offers shopping direction to current and expectant parents, and shared her career advice, her favourite retreat, her healthy habits, and more. Read on for the interview. _new _1 "I am very mindful of the quality of fabrics and use vintage leathers or sturdier materials that can survive a wrestling match on a sofa. I am also a proponent of heavy décor - sculpture and decorative items that have a nice weight to them. I involved my boys in the design process, teaching them to appreciate great furniture and to see décor as living art. They are respectful and, for the most part, phenomenally well-behaved. But it does help when something is simply too heavy to move." _2 "Exercise and green juice are essential to helping me keep it together. My day starts at 5am with a Barry's Boot Camp class. Juicing during the day is incredible because it's chock full of nutrients and convenient since I am always on the go. I love Erewhon or Juice Served in West Hollywood for my daily fix." _3 "I can't buy enough stones and minerals! I go to gem shows throughout the year hunting for the most special ones to make into a bauble box or one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Sometimes it takes a full year to complete one bauble box with the perfect colour story. I recently found some insane pieces at Minerales do Brazil in Paris." _4 "Our place in Malibu is my favourite retreat. We would be hanging out relaxing or maybe tossing a football around on the beach with our boys and our two rescue dogs Willie and Rigby." _5 "My boys were snowboarding down double black diamond slopes at age 8! I just would never have considered this within the realm of possibility. However, they are incredibly athletic and have taken lessons since they were very young and are now accomplished boarders. And completely fearless!" _new "Getting lost in inspiration at a museum in Europe. Or trying to get back to my work and family! I am so passionate about what I do. I am fortunate enough to have made a career out of doing what I truly love - curating adventurous spaces, championing artists and enabling clients to find their vibe to create a home that tells their unique story. My boys come to the studio all the time. They paint and sit in on creative meetings or make weapons in the back out of water bottles and postal supplies. It's awesome to have that youthful spirit and energy in the studio. They ask the most thoughtful questions. I want to instill in them my strong work ethic and relentless curiosity." _6 "I would love to be able to sit down and sketch every single thing in my head and have it come out beautifully. I carry a sketchbook everywhere I go. I love to sketch. Practice what you love and enjoy the ride. It's the only way to grow." _7 "I watch Sports Center! My boys are athletes. They play hockey year round. I started watching it with them, and now I tune in even if they are out of the house or I'm away on a work trip. I'm hooked." Want to see more of what Kelly Wearstler is up to? Check out some of our recent posts about the designer.

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