Kate Winslet Shares Her Secret to Success

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A seven-time Oscar nominee and mother of three, Kate Winslet's showing no sign of slowing down, with her latest film Triple 9 set to hit screens February 26. The stylish mum recently opened up to Working Mother about how she juggles her family with work, and the career motto that keeps her going.

"People often say to me, Is there any ambition left? What’s left for you to do?" says Winslet. Her secret: constantly finding ways to go outside her comfort zone. "The goal for me is to always be doing it [acting]. But also to play lots of different roles like Joanna Hoffman [in Steve Jobs], like The Dressmaker," she says. Winslet's latest film sees her step into the role of evil mafia boss Irina in Triple 9, which she admits appealed to her because it was terrifying. "It seemed so far away from anything I’d done before. But I read the script and got to the end and thought, Right, I’m going to have to do this," she says. "And it terrifies me, and that ultimately was what I was after at the time. I wanted to be shocked, I wanted to be pulled out of my comfort zone. I don’t ever want to be in my comfort zone."

Pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone is something Winslet has tried to extend to all areas of her life, including her family. The multitasking mum had just given birth to her third child, Bear, when she accepted the role in Triple 9. "Yes, we filmed, can you believe it, back in June 2014, and Bear was only 6 months, and he’s now over 2 years old," she says. "And at the time, this role was perfect for me because I had just had a baby, and I wanted a short sharp jolt back into reality and to feel the most challenged I could be, really feel terrified and out of my depth. Because that’s how I like to operate."

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