Meet a Dog-Loving LA Designer Who's Transforming Pet Décor

Julia Millay Walsh

The world of pet décor has long been in need of something new. You have over-the-top Swarovski-encrusted dog bowls and cutesy collars, but we rarely do we see anything fresh in between. So we were thrilled to discover Kari White, a Los Angeles-based creative who is totally changing the decorating game for dog lovers with her brand Mayor B.

Growing up in San Diego with adventurous parents and two brothers (including pro snowboard champion Shaun White), the artist travelled and explored often. “I feel like my childhood was one big road trip,” she says. “Every chance we had my family would pack up our van and drive to Yellowstone or Mt. Hood; looking back it was such an amazing time.”

Keep scrolling to see how travelling inspired her stylish, Fido-friendly creations.

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