This Australian CEO Shares her Daily Habits for Success

Lauren Powell


Sportswear retailer Stylerunner has become a global phenomenon since its CEO and co-founder, Julie Stevanja, launched the fashion-meets-fitness e-commerce business back in 2012. Stevanja is your quintessential entrepreneur—savvy, innovative, and progressive—and the success story, recently revealed to Sporteluxe, details her daily habits as part of the reason for her success. Firstly, she likes to start every day ahead of the game, then prioritise her hours ahead.

“I like to rise early, be grateful, and set an intention, such as ‘today I will be a better leader, I will practice empathy’ or ‘I will spend more time with the team’. Unless you set an intention to improve the way you work, all you’ll accomplish will be tasks,” Stevanja told Sporteluxe. “Secondly, it is so crucial to stop and priortise. I start by brainstorming a list of absolutely everything that needs to be done. (If you don’t, it takes up valuable mental energy.) Then I work out which are ‘mission critical’ priorities, then which are important, but I’ll make time for next week (then book them in immediately!), and which I can come back to.”

The brainchild behind the leading destination for the world's most coveted activewear also shared her top tips to a productive and successful day—read on and take a career cue from one of the most successful local talents.  

  1. Rise early, be grateful, and set an intention for the day.
  2. Stop, prioritise, and brainstorm a list of the urgent tasks.
  3. List the immediate priorities which are important but you’ll make time for next week (then book that in immediately).
  4. Don’t confuse urgent with important—urgent tasks are often not as important as your top priorities.

Head to Sporteluxe for the daily habits of four more successful entrepreneurs, and shop the Stylerunner collection.

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