Renowned Designer Jonathan Adler on How to Replicate His Iconic Style

Lauren Powell

Think of famed designer Jonathan Adler and his elegant yet playful interiors and designs spring to mind—a combination only this creative genius could master. The iconic potter, designer and author spoke to Ninemsn Homes to reveal his inspiration, muses and how you can imitate his desirable style in your own home. Scroll down for an insight into Adler’s creative world.

You're all about a judgement-free, no-rules approach to interior design. So how do you manage to bring a sense of cohesiveness when you're working with a space?
"I say I'm about no judgement and no rules but I'm completely lying. I am an incredibly rigorous designer who's obsessed with the idea of elegance, classicism and luxury so I think everything should be grounded in this. In terms of making a cohesive statement, you need to have a foundation of rigor and after that you can play. So I often start with symmetry to get the right balance, then a whisper of fun."

How can a novice decorator channel a bit of JA in their home without it looking like a colourful mess?
"In terms of colour, people think of me as a colour dude but I'm actually really neutral. I think it's always good to start with a neutral foundation — white and grey then through in one accent colour."

You list some of your muses as David Hicks, Bonnie Cashin, Madonna and Andy Warhol (who inspired the naming of his New York studio). What do all of these people share that you find so appealing?
"They were all original, wildly innovating and creative people who also are just chic. They show that chic can be surprisingly creative and original. When people think of chic they think of snobbism, but no."

Read the full interview with Adler at Ninemsn Homes.

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