The 11 Greatest Lessons We Learned From Jonathan Adler

Julia Millay Walsh
Mention celebrated interior designer and potter Jonathan Adler and the image of cheerful, sophisticated interiors always comes to mind. There are a lot of design gems to learn from this creative genius; read on for the greatest lessons the man has taught us._5
parerkres08 You'll be hard pressed to find a Jonathan Adler-designed room that doesn't have curtains kissing the ceiling. Adler knows well that hanging your curtains high makes your windows look larger and your ceilings higher. Take heed.
idesignarch Orange may seem like a bright and bold colour choice, but Adler makes it work in every single room. Finding orange in his portfolio is easier than spotting a striped shirt in Where's Waldo? A bit of the cheerful colour will give your home an always-sunny vibe. Try it.
richardpowers The man practically invented the expression more is more. A super-sized lampshade paired with a funky floor-to-ceiling room divider, next to not one but four gold tables? Why the heck not.
jonathanadler1 If it were up to us, summer would last year-round. That's why we live in Los Angeles. Adler knows how to make a room feel warm, bright, and beachy -- even in the middle of winter in Manhattan-- by lightening walls, adding vibrant accents, and bringing in lively foliage. If only he could predict warm weather like Al Roker.
richardpowers2 There's no fun in being serious. Not a stitch. Why not install a hanging chair in every space possible, dress your walls with personified, smiling sun ceramics, and pile on the pillows in pink and yellow? A happy home makes a happy heart.
workshopapd Just like a great outfit, every room needs a finishing touch, and in interiors, that touch is lighting. Metallic and bright, lighting becomes a focal point and pulls all the other special elements of your ensemble together. Invest in the good stuff, and they can become heirlooms, too.
flotowarner1 There's nothing like a little sparkle in a room to make it feel like there's fairy dust in the air. From a sculptural brass C. Jeré mirror to a bronze, tree-shaped table base to gilded hand-shaped Pedro Friedeberg chairs, every Adler space has a special metallic moment in it.
richardpowers1_0 What's not to love about having a good time? Make your guests smile with provocative accents or a rug inspired by the sea when they walk into your home, and keep their eyes scanning the room for more amusing details. Adler's interiors are all about experience -- the experience of fun.
idesignarch1 Why be stiff when you can be loosey goosey? You could put iron andirons in your fireplace . . . or a giant brass boot. You could put a tufted bench at the foot of your bed . . . or a sofa shaped like a man's head. Adler has taught us that challenging tradition can create some of the most memorable--and gorgeous--spaces.
ngocminhngo Never send a piece of pottery out on its own. Become a collector of accessories and layer, layer, layer. Putting 12 vases on one bookcase is not excess -- it's restraint. Follow Adler's lead by piling them on and moving them around whenever it strikes your fancy.
jonathanadler A simple white bedroom can be boring (and it usually is). But drop a giant, hefty chrome four-poster bed in there, and your home could be the next cover girl of your favourite shelter magazine. Adler uses large-scale pieces often in his designs, which can not only make a room feel larger, but also adds another element of irreverence and playfulness.

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