5 Things to Talk About Today

  • Jon Hamm completes stint in rehab for alcohol abuse. The Mad Men star checked into a Connecticut facility at the end of February completing the program ahead of the premiere of the television show's final episodes on April 5. — Variety
  • Utah brings back firing squads as a method of execution. Governor Gary Herbert signed the law allowing the use of firing squads for state executions if lethal injection is not available. — Reuters
  • Twitter introduces a quality filter to weed out threatening and abusive tweets. Currently only available to verified users, the filter hopes to control harassment. — TechCrunch
  • Google appoints former Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat as its new CFO. Once called "the most powerful woman on Wall Street," Porat had been with Morgan Stanley since 1987. — CNN
  • Sarah Jessica Parker is disturbed by Tom Hanks. This hilarious clip has everyone wondering why. — Business Insider

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