An Exclusive Peek Into the Life of L.A.'s Leading Head Chef

Aliza J. Sokolow

Jennifer Cassel

Unless you work in the food business (or are a fan of reality cooking shows), you may not be familiar with the term "chef de cuisine." This term literally translates in French to "chef of the food." The chef de cuisine is in charge of all things that run the kitchen: menu creation, staff hiring, produce orders, and dish plating.

Enter Courtney Storer, a Chicago native and chef de cuisine at Jon & Vinny’s, one of the hippest eateries in Los Angeles that serves gourmet Italian in a relaxed, modern atmosphere. Storer has helmed the kitchen since day one. Before our interview, we watch her interact with cooks, making the job appear completely effortless—flipping pasta, salting water, and making sure each plate leaves the kitchen looking flawless.

Ever wonder what goes into getting that dish on your plate? Keep scrolling for a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of a head chef.

Like what you see? Get the recipes for yourself with Jon and Vinny’s cookbook, Two Dudes, One Pan: Maximum Flavour From a Minimalist Kitchen.

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