These Jobs Will Have the Biggest Salaries in 2016

Sacha Strebe

If youre sitting at your desk wondering how to plan your next pay raise, maybe you should consider a career change instead. According to the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide, white-collar workers are about to receive the biggest pay raise in eight years. Starting U.S. salaries for professional occupations are set to increase about 4.1% next year. So if you work in technology, finance, and accounting; legal, creative, and marketing; and administrative and office support services occupations, you’re about to see a significant boost. Robert Half senior executive director Paul McDonald said, “If theyre really in demand, theyre getting 15% to 20% more” than what's predicted. But the perks arent all about money. Some employers are also offering more in-house incentives, such as flexible hours, more vacation time, and counter-offers to make employees stay.”

To read more about what jobs have the biggest pay raises in 2016, visit Bloomberg.

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