7 Jewellery Trays That Will Transform Your Dresser

Genevieve Fish

We love jewellery. Dainty gold necklaces, studs, bangles, cocktail rings, stackables—you name it, we’re fans. But not when said accessories wind up in a knotted, twisted mess. Enter the jewellery tray. We’ve deemed the jewellery tray, or plate, the most overlooked boudoir accessory. Whether it’s a clear acrylic tray or a ceramic dinner plate (we love a matte black finish for thin gold chains), the distinguished surface provides a perfect place to display and protect your collection. So say goodbye to frustrated mornings untangling your pendant before work and hello to a display case of organised-accessories glory that will make you happy every time you reach for that little something extra. 

Shop some of our all-time favourite jewellery trays and plates below!

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