How to Cure Jet Lag Once and For All

by Jillian Finley

Distill jet lag to its essence and it is nothing more that a disruption of the inner “body clock.” As innocuous as this may sound, the effect (as seasoned travellers well know) can potentially rock one to ones core. Targeting the internal body clock by altering circadian rhythms, the phenomena known as “jet lag” is experienced by traversing time zones and/or horizon lines, and can throw any daily routine, from eating to sleeping, completely off course. The following is a rundown of natural remedies to have you acing the travel game and see you through even the hairiest of red eye flights. 

Feel the Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle in biochemical, physiological and behavioural processes within the human body. The biological clock is largely effected by light cycles of day to night. Simply put, circadian rhythm regulates our daily schedules - when we eat, when we sleep, when we wake. Hurl it off its axis with a change in time zone and the body becomes utterly, if not comically, discombobulated. 

Stay Up Past Bed Time

The most basic of jet lag cures involves normalizing the body’s sleep patterns. It is imperative to acclimate to a time zone immediately upon arrival. This means if you land in Rome at 1am LA time, don’t crash. Grab a slice of pizza. Do as the Romans do. Wait until a sensible hour to grab some shut eye. After a prolonged exposure to natural light, your body’s circadian clock will blessedly and naturally reset. 

Eat Light

Before, during and after travel, dine on high energy meals that will leave you feeling satiated yet energised. Avoid dense foods that signal nap time. Drinking water is essential. Two eight ounce glasses of water provides the same potential amount of energy as a cup of coffee. Remain hydrated and lessen the effects of fatigue by choosing meals low in carbs and high in protein. 

Get Some Sun 

Expose yourself to as much natural light as possible. Consider a choice of airlines that transition flight lighting in accordance with the destination. Once, you arrive, get plenty of sunshine. Your body will naturally adjust and reacclimatize the more it senses natural light rhythms. 

Vitamin Up 

Circulation is a key element to keeping the body’s internal systems in proper flow. Restore electrolytes with coconut water or electrolyte infused drinks. Take a nitric oxide supplement such as Neo40 to improve circulation, arterial health, and blood pressure. For long oversees flights, compression socks are a wise investment for stopping blood clots and ensuring you land in top form.

Have a favourite jet lag cure remedy? Tell us in the comments below. 

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