This Nutritionist's Morning Routine Is A.M. Goals

Lauren Powell

If there’s anyone in life that you can guarantee to give you reliable and effective healthy living advice, it’s a nutritionist. But let's forget the recipes and workout regime for a minute, because we want to know how one of the most inspiring nutritionists in the country begins her day in preparation for her focused, productive, and successful days.

When it comes to morning routines, Jessica Sepel’s is #goals. Every morning, the nutritionist, wellness coach, and founder of JSHealth (who recently shared with us her can’t-live-without smoothie recipe) doesn’t look at her phone until she starts working, practises gratitude, and prepares breakfast at home. Read on for the ultimate A.M. inspiration.

6.30 a.m. Upon waking, I make a conscious effort to not look at my phone or email until after my morning routine.

6.35 a.m. Deep belly breaths with positive affirmations. This works absolute magic for me. I love taking a few minutes when I first wake up to centre myself. Giving some gratitude and setting positive intentions for the day puts me into the right frame of mind from the start. Before I even get out of bed I set five positive affirmations, such as “I love and accept myself for who I am” and “I am good enough”.


6.45 a.m. I prepare and drink a cup of warm lemon water—a typical nutritionist!

7.00 a.m. Time to get moving! I love to work out before my day begins as I don’t enjoy exercising in the afternoon as much. It’s such a great time to get out in the fresh air and clear your mind. And you can’t beat the extra hit of endorphins! I usually take a walk outside, got to yoga or pilates, or take a barre class, but I also embrace two to three days of rest each week.

7.30 a.m. Coffee break! Typically I have one coffee a day that I savour and just adore. I normally have a piccolo (full cream milk) or sometimes an almond milk piccolo if I’m taking a break from dairy.



8.00 a.m. Breakfast time. I usually prepare a healthy breakfast at home—either eggs, my favourite Protein Power smoothie or on a cold day, I love a bowl of porridge. And when I’m feeling creative, I’ll work on a new breakfast recipe! All of my favourite recipes are in my new book, Living the Healthy Life.

9.00 a.m. With my morning routine complete, I then switch on and begin working with the JSHealth team. At the moment we're busy launching my new 8-week online, interactive program. This is also when I start responding to texts and emails. Taking that time in the morning is such a gift and it allows me to really put all my focus into my work and responsibilities.

Sepel has just released the JSHealth Program—your eight-week plan to quit diets forever, reach your balanced weight and live your healthiest life possible. Shop Sepel’s new book, Living the Healthy Life, for more wholefood recipes and nutrition advice.

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