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When the Domaine team was called in to makeover Jessica Alba's master bedroom and adjoining terrace, the initial design direction was clear. The actress and Honest Company co-founder wanted a mix of design styles and influences, but requested that the final space feel cohesive. "I wanted the space to feel earthy and grounded, but at the same time, clean and modern," she describes. Such distinct vibes could be difficult to combine into one room, but by incorporating a thoughtful mix of materials, colours, and textural elements, we were able to achieve Alba's desired look. Read on for our top tips for crafting your own layered, eclectic space. MIX MATERIALS MaterialsOne of the biggest keys to scoring a similarly collected look, is to make sure you incorporate a wide range of materials. In Alba's space, a wood bed contrasts with industrial metal nightstands while leather chairs were matched with a woven jute side table. Furthermore, linen drapery falls next to the cement tiled fireplace while a wool accent rug place on top of a larger jute version. It's this dynamic mix of surfaces and textures that enables the room to feel rich and layered and prevents the design from feeling flat or one-note.
BALANCE STRAIGHT LINES LinesFinalWith such a show-topping focal point as Alba's tiled fireplace, to balance the rigid geometry, the team incorporated more organic and rounded pieces to soften the overall look. A linear canopy bed from Calvin Klein was matched with brass sconces with rounded shades, while a live-edge coffee table helped break up the geometry of a streamlined settee placed across from the fireplace. Round side tables and table lamps further contrast with the straight elements to create contrast and visual interest.
INCORPORATE A RANGE OF SATURATED HUES HuesAt one point during the design process, the team noticed the colour balance in the main furniture and accessories was skewing a little too dark. An espresso stained bed, deep grey nightstands, and black and white tile were then balanced by incorporating lighter elements in the form of an oak dresser, scored at HD Buttercup, and a cream rug, found at Woven Accents. Bright white bedding was then paired with vibrant throw pillows and an attention-getting throw. Medium-toned leather chairs helped connect the colour range creating a balanced, dynamic design.
Incorporate these tricks in your own home and you'll be well on your way to a well-balanced yet intriguing space. Click here to see the entire before and after tour of Alba's bedroom. Photographs: Justin Coit

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