Jenna Lyons Shares Her Secret to Being Happier

Sacha Strebe

When it comes to powerful modern women, Jenna Lyons ranks high. The president and creative director of fashion retailer J.Crew has successfully reinvented the company from a “mall brand” into a covetable luxury fashion label with a cult following. It’s the combination of this business savvy and vision with her bold sense of personal style—black-rimmed glasses, slicked-back hair, a love for red lipstick, and impeccable tailoring—that has garnered Lyons a global fan base. Shes living proof that a woman can lead and be fashionable at the same time. So when The Coveteur eventually tracked down the dynamic dame—it took two years to find time in her busy schedule—Lyons finally let everyone in on her secret to achieving happiness in life and at work, and why loving your job is the most important thing. Scroll down to read Jennas life advice.

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