5 Handy Painting Tips from Jeff Lewis

Designer Jeff Lewis knows a thing or two about being colourful, and that's not just in reference to his personality. The star of Bravo's Flipping Out, Lewis is also the founder of Jeff Lewis Colour, a line of paints in a tasteful, muted-neutral palette. Now available at the Home Depot, the paint line is cheeky--colour names include Grey Geese, Skinny Dip, and Dirty Martini--yet sophisticated, just like Lewis himself. So, when looking for colour guidance, who better to ask for painting tips than a bona fide expert? Read on for Lewis's advice for refreshing your space.

_1Tell a Colour Story: Depending on the size of your home, stick to a two- to five-colour coordinating paint palette. A cohesive colour story will ensure continuity especially with open floor plans.

_2Test, Test, Test!: You must test the samples in the space. I use painted poster board so I can easily check colours from room to room.

_3Stick with Neutrals: I prefer neutral, more muted tones. It's the perfect backdrop to showcase your furniture, art and accessories.

_4Go Tonal Up Above: Don't disregard your ceiling. Instead of basic white, try using your wall colour in a lighter hue.

_5Don't Forget the Doors: Go darker with interior doors for interest and depth. Knight, Carbon, and Clay are my three favourite go-to's.


canvas green_envy agave
"Canvas", From $8, Jeff Lewis Colour "Green W Envy", From $8, Jeff Lewis Colour "Agave", From $8, Jeff Lewis Colour

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