This French Style Icon Reveals Her Favourite Drugstore Beauty Buys

Lisa Patulny


The allure of French beauty doesn't seem like it's going to dwindle anytime soon. (At least not at Byrdie Australia HQ, where we're never not obsessing over everything from niche French beauty brands, to pharmacy staples.) "How can you make my hair more...French?" is a common ask from any one of our team, come trim or colour touch-up time. More than one editor keeps a Pinterest board solely dedicated to Parisian women and their uniquely insouciant take on red lipstick, tousled fringes and pared back style. So when a video From British Vogue promising to reveal the only French drugstore beauty brands worth buying popped up in my feed this week, I clicked. Fast. On discovering said video featured one Jeanne Damas (model, designer and my own personal beauty muse), I felt I was one watch away from discovering style secrets I've been coveting for years. Spoiler: Damas is magic to watch and does share ALL the French beauty advice, including a simple trick to nailing laid-back red lipstick. (It's all about pushing colour into your lips with a fingertip, then cleaning up any mess with a cotton bud soaked in micellar water.) Keen to learn the only 5 pharmacy brands this style star classifies as essential? 

Click through the gallery below to find out.

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