This Sleepwear Designer’s Morning Routine Will Inspire Your Career

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Jasmine & Will

When you find out how Jasmine Lindsay spends her mornings, you won't be surprised at her success as an entrepreneur. Last year, the founder of Australian sleepwear and lifestyle brand Jasmine & Will, left her corporate finance career of 10 years to launch her once passion project full-time, and considering the company’s success in less than two years, it’s obvious Lindsay knows how to use her time wisely—and her A.M. routine is the perfect example.  

The Sydney-based sleepwear designer’s morning schedule is the definition of productive—from scanning emails as she prepares for her daily gym session, to creating social media posts as she collects her morning coffee, all before visits to her head office and embroidery factory. Read on to find out how this company founder begins her days—career girls, get ready to be inspired. 

7.15 a.m. My alarm clock goes off—it’s a push to get me up any earlier as I’m quite the night owl, but I do utilise my nights efficiently. We're a start-up so the team is pretty lean, which means I’m across all aspects of the business from design to operations. With such a huge daily to-do list I’d be lost without my diary—I carry a large paperback with me everywhere, even my mum finds it hilarious that I use a physical diary rather than technology! I spend about 30 minutes each night listing outstanding tasks and then numbering them by priority.


Jasmine & Will

7.45 a.m. I'm out the door to train at my local gym. During the 30 minutes I spend getting ready, I check overnight emails from international suppliers and customers (yes, there is an iPhone permanently attached to my hand while I get ready!), and before I walk out the door I scan my diary and review the list I made the night before to mentally prepare for the day ahead. The upside of being nocturnal is I've already responded to a lot of the late night emails so my inbox isn't too jammed by the time I reach the office.

8 a.m. I'm at the gym—I’m a big believe in the old adage ‘strong body, strong mind’. When I deviate from my routine I feel much less focused and less efficient in the office.

9 a.m. I dash home for a quick shower, stopping by the local deli for a caffeine hit and fresh blooms for the office. While I wait for my coffee I scroll through social media, review our pages, and post to Instagram. Dispatch days mean that the team will be arriving at head office to pack and ship orders, so on those days l check in quickly.


Jasmine & Will

10 a.m. I arrive at our embroidery factory, which I visit once or twice a week to check things are running on schedule and approve the quality of output. Christmas is our busiest period, so the machines are running at full capacity! Today we're also working on our embroidery offering for 2017 which is exciting. My iPhone is in my back pocket–I'm always online.

12 p.m. By midday, my morning is over but there’s still a long day ahead. I arrive at our head office in Double Bay—I love walking in on dispatch days and seeing the hive of activity. I log on and respond to the latest batch of emails and tick off the priority items in my diary before joining the dispatch team wrapping and packing—it's a great way to see what's selling and where our orders are coming from. I’m a big believer in working "in" your business. Our white and gold Christmas packaging arrives and the office starts getting festive—we debate whether it’s too early to start playing carols…

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