Jared Leto and Other Stars Dish on Their Kitchens

Throughout the year at celebrity-studded events, premiers, and parties, Architectural Digest asked the famous attendees to share their favourite aspects of their kitchens. We're loving this insight into the culinary and design minds of some of Hollywood's biggest names. Read on for a selection of our favourite answers. Testino "What's special about my kitchen is my workspace. I have wood, stainless-steel, and marble surfaces, so it's fantastic for every kind of thing that you're making." - Gwyneth Paltrow Baker "My La Cornue stove is the most special thing in my kitchen. It was an object of real desire for me. And I have to say, I'm very satisfied with my ownership of it." - Julianne Moore Neleman "There is a pressed-tin ceiling. It was made for my kitchen from an old design. That was my idea. But I also then realised I was kind of reconstructing my grandmother's kitchen, which had Formica. She had green Formica. So I now have green marble, edged with stainless steel. I also have industrial linoleum, which is fantastic." - Glenn Close Terry Richardson "I have kind of an '80s kitchen. But what's nice about it is that I have a stainless-steel island in the middle that I just bought that's really convenient. I don't really cook. I whip things together sometimes--and I reheat." - Jared Leto For the full round-up, head to Architectural Digest. Photographs: Mario Testino for Vogue, Christopher Baker for Architectural Digest, Hans Neleman, Terry Richardson.

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