I've Travelled All Over Japan—Here's Where I Always Stay, Eat and Do

It's time to add Japan to your travel bucket list—that is if it isn't already. Everyone from travel bloggers to travel editors have named this country as a must-see destination for 2019 and it seems as though its popularity as a vacation spot will only continue to gain momentum. If you talk with someone who's already visited the country multiple times, it's easy to see why.

"Japan is a country rooted in tradition and dedication for a life lived with passion and care that emanates contagious energy," explains Jessica Wright, the travel blogger behind Bon Traveller. "This matched by their genuine friendliness and consideration for the other, it creates a peacefulness amidst what could easily be chaos," she continues.

The travel pro also describes the energy of the country as a reason why Japan is such a special travel destination. "You can sense this energy when you pass through historic temples or sit down to a traditional kaiseki dinner... It’s this kind of visceral feeling," Wright says.

There's no doubt that Japan deserves a spot on your bucket list, but why has it seemingly taken over as a trendy place to visit all of the sudden? Wright points out two reasons for this surge in interest. First of all, Japan has long been an expensive travel destination, but that's changed in recent years. "With flights being more cost-effective, alternate choices for accommodations, and an arrangement of dining options, it’s more wallet-friendly now," she states.

Secondly, Wright thinks that taking on the task of planning a trip to the country may seem less intimidating now thanks to an influx of content featuring the location. "I find myself seeing more digital content from Japan in the past two years than before," she says. "It reduces the 'how do I plan a trip to Japan' stress when you see other travellers sharing about their experiences," the world traveller continues.

If you're planning your next big adventure and don't know where to start, consider this your ultimate Japan itinerary. Ahead, Wright gives you the inside scoop on where to stay, eat, and play in Japan.

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