This Working Mother Shares Her 24-Hour Schedule

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Jamie Blakey tackles a daily schedule that most of us could only imagine. As the founder and creative director behind iconic Australia fashion label, One Teaspoon, and also a wife and a mother of three, it would be an understatement to say that Blakey has her hands full. Between running a 16-year-old global fashion company, playing super mum to Eddie, 10, Mickey, 4, and Minnie, 2, and super wife to her husband, Ronnie, the northern beaches local manages to squeeze in some time for herself, but ultimately, family comes first. “There are so many distractions in day-to-day life that it can be hard to get the balance right.” Blakey told The North Journal. “I prioritise my day, family is first—I’m there for the good times in the morning—then I get my work done so I’m there to hang with them in the afternoon and evening.”  Read on and find out how Blakey does it all from sunrise to sunset—every single day.

6.00 a.m. I tend start my day pretty early—having three kids usually means I am up at the crack of dawn. I get the kids breakfast, make the lunches, get them showered and dressed for school, while also squeezing in Skype calls and emails from our distributors on the other side of the world.

7.30 a.m. Once the kids are sorted I put on my "uniform"—a pair of distressed jeans, an oversized shirt or tee depending on how I feel, and a pair of black boots or sneakers.

8.00 a.m. It’s time to do the school run and I drop Minnie and Mickey off at kindy. Eddie is old enough now that he gets himself to school—it will be great when they all can eventually head to school together!

8:30 a.m. My preferred work out is yoga—I am naturally a high-energy person and like to spend 45 minutes of my day putting myself back together before I get stuck into work.


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9:30 a.m. I drive over to the office which isn’t too far from home in Avalon—it’s nice that I don’t have to commute. Typically, I get on top of my emails whilst sipping on a long black— but not while I'm driving!

10.00 a.m. During the first stages of designing collection, a big part of my day will be taken up with design work. I like to close myself off for a week or two and just focus on the inspiration for the season and designing. Sifting through denim, fabrics, trims, all kinds of things. When we aren’t designing, I am usually in back-to-back business and design meetings. These could be fittings, new prototype reviews, catching up with our PR to discuss a new collection launch and when I'm not doing that it's back-to-back shooting for the website, campaigns, and look books.

1.30 p.m. I don’t tend to go out to get lunch during the day because it usually ruins my vibe. I usually eat at my desk or on the floor of the design studio. I try to cram as much in as possible so that I can spend the mornings and evenings with my family.

2.30 p.m. We are about to go into our half yearly sale, so I spend the next hour with our digital marketing team approving the creative that we've shot for all our online and social platforms including the Australian and global website.

4.30 p.m. Depending on the day and what we have on I am usually out of the office by 4.30 p.m. so I can make it home in time to get the kids ready for dinner and ready for the night time routine. Plus, like most people, I hate sitting in traffic!


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5.00 p.m. I hang with the kids, watch them skate in the backyard, we all talk about our day—they are so full of energy, especially Mickey the middle child!

6.00 p.m. We do dinner together, or if it has been a busy day we will order in. My husband Ronnie does the dinner prep when he's not travelling for work. This is the best!

8.00 p.m. The kids are usually in bed by now and then it’s time to unwind with a glass of red. We are a global brand and are working in over three time zones, so I’m usually online late answering emails and just generally catching up from the lack of time during the day.

11.00 p.m. Its bed time and I am ready to get a few hours of sleep! 

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Are you a working mum? What does your daily schedule look like?

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