Jaime King's Surprising Little Laundry Secret

Julia Millay Walsh

Actress Jaime King (Hart of Dixie) is one of the best dressed ladies in Hollywood. A model since age 14, she has accumulated an archive of beautiful pieces that she's collected over the years (and received from her close designer friends). When she invited us over to shoot her closet makeover last year, we saw it all first-hand, and well, it was a gold mine of well-kept, enviable fashion pieces. I couldn't help but ask King how she cared for all of her special apparel; her fancy new mahogany closet rods looked to me like one expensive dry cleaning bill waiting to happen. But I didn't see her response coming...

"Always handwash," she said. "I rarely dry clean; and I use Dryel to clean those special pieces in the dryer at home." I thought: well, now here's something my mother never taught me. Not very well known, Dryel, as it turns out, is a simple home kit that can remove stains and steam-clean your clothes using just your dryer. To use it, you put your clothes in a dryer bag with a cleaning cloth and put them in the dryer, and the solution will clean them without fading, bleeding colours, shrinking, or stretching. I haven't had the opportunity to try King's secret cleaning solution yet, but I would gladly welcome a respite from my hefty dry cleaning bills.

Have any of you tried Dryel? What are your opinions? Tell us in the comments below.

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