Steer Clear of This "Healthy" Soda Alternative, Says a Doctor

Sophie Miura

First, we found out that soda is packed with a dizzying amount of sugar; then, we discovered diet soda might be linked to cancer. Now, it appears the so-called "healthy" soda alternative, sparkling water, isn't as virtuous as it might appear.

Despite marketing efforts to brand sparkling fruit-flavoured waters as good-for-you options, The Wall Street Journal reveals brand Sparkling Ice at least, it isn't healthy at all. Products by the flavoured sparkling water brand contain sucralose, an artificial sweetener, and sugar substitute. It's the primary ingredient that makes the drink taste sweet like soda, without actually containing sugar.

According to Well+Good, research suggests sucralose could interfere with hormones in the brain that tell you you're full, thus increasing appetite. Studies indicate it could also change gut bacteria in dangerous ways, leading to obesity.

We hear you: Is there anything we can drink besides water that's actually healthy? Opt for low-sugar coconut water or try a homemade fruit infusion to give your glass of water an extra flavour kick.

Would you consider ditching sparkling water in light of this news?

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