Why Apple Sold 13 Million iPhone 6s' in 3 Days

Lauren Powell
PHOTO: The Urban Spotter

Avid tech fans lined Sydney’s George Street with tents 17 days out from the iPhone 6s release date. One dedicated customer placed a robot with her face on the iPad display in the queue, which then went on to become the first robot to purchase an iPhone. It's behaviour like this that drove 13 million sales of the iPhone 6s globally in three days, but what’s all the fuss about?

We've rounded up the most impressive new features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which goes a way to explain why Apple’s latest gadget sent the world into a shopping frenzy.

Live Photos

The camera now captures the moments (one-and-a-half seconds to be precise) before and after you press the shutter button to create so much more than a static snapshot, but a live moment with motion and sound. You can then set these as your “dynamic” wallpaper. Genius.

Rose Gold Finish

Just when you thought your metallic gold iPhone could get any prettier, rose gold was introduced. This heavenly finish is almost worth the purchase itself!

Peek and Pop

This cutely-named feature allows you to view emails, websites, photos and maps as a preview without having to open the page. A light press on the screen will prompt a “peek” of the screen and a deeper press will “pop” you through to the page. Goodbye “back” button.

Quick Actions

For the ultimate shortcut, hold firmly down on any one app and it will provide you a list of “quick actions”. For example, if you press down on the camera app it will serve you with the options of “take selfie”, “record”, “slow-mo” or “take photo”.  We’re always up for a time saver!

3D Touch

The iPhone’s new (or “revolutionary” according to Apple) Multi-Touch interface including 3D Touch now wants to feel you and senses how deeply you press the display to allow you to carry-out common actions more quickly and simply such as the “peek and pop” and “quick actions” functions.

More Megapixels

The camera has made the leap from eight megapixels to 12 megapixels, which in phone world, is impressive. To put it in perspective, the latest iPhone 6 campaign featured images from the old eight megapixel camera. 

Will you be buying the new iPhone 6s? If so, tell us below!

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