15 iPhone Photography Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Lauren Powell

These days, it’s rare to whip out our digital cameras to take a spontaneous snap when we have such a good quality camera at an arm’s reach thanks to the genius Apple iPhone. Whether you’re the proud owner of a trusty older model or a fancy new one, you can always count on the clever device to take a sharp shot—and these 15 tips will make them even sharper. Read on and snap away.

1. Lock focus

You can set and lock your focal point by tapping and holding the screen. A yellow square will pop up on the screen, indicating what you’ve focussed on.

2. Exposure 

After you tap to focus, you may have seen a yellow sun symbol come up when you shoot photos—this is to help control the exposure. Slide the sun up and down to make the photo lighter or darker.

3. HDR

HDR stands for high dynamic range which is great when you have to expose both the foreground and the background and have complicated lighting situations.

4. Take a picture whilst recording

If you cannot decide between shooting video and still photography you’re in luck. When you start filming you will see a white shutter to take photos near the record button. Tap that shutter for simultaneous photography and video.

5. Volume keys as a shutter

You can use the volume buttons on the iPhone and headphones as a shutter to take photos. Great if you need to hold a steadier hand!

6. Shoot from the hip

The iPhone is great for being unobtrusive when taking photos and lets you get some unique perspectives and angles. Try getting down low or shooting from the hip. If you are snapping people or portraits, try holding the iPhone at your chest level so you can make eye contact with your subject.

7. Clean your lens

So simple but so easy to forget. If your lens is grubby your photography will be blurry too. Give your lens a quick wipe clean with a dry cloth before you start!

8. Remote shutter with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the ultimate photography companion—it lets you set up your iPhone and from a distance use the watch face as a view finder and a remote shutter.

9. Burst

If you hold down the shutter continuously you will take a series of continuous images, or a burst. You can hold down for literally hundreds of photos to capture a very precise moment. These can be whittled down to just your favourites in a few seconds by choosing Edit. Or you can use an app like Burzt to turn your burst quickly into a GIF to share with friends.

10. Self Timer

The iPhone has a timer mode, which is great for setting up a group shot. Set it to 3 seconds or 10 seconds and remember it will fire off a small burst to help you get the perfect shot.

11. Live Photos

These came out with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus last year and capture a few seconds around each photo, so they come to life and give you a little bit of Harry Potter magic in each snap. You know you are taking a Live Photo if the round symbol in the iPhone camera is yellow.

12. Sharp focus in low light

If you are taking photos at night, try setting your focal point and keeping the iPhone still. You can also experiment with long exposure apps like Slow Shutter for even brighter images. Just remember to keep the camera still!

13. Front flash

This is great if you are taking selfies at night. Leave the flash on and the screen will turn itself into a light at the moment it takes your photo so you get great skin tones.

14. Non-destructive filters

If you make any edits with the iPhone’s camera app you can easily reverse them. Whether you shoot with a filter on or make edits afterwards. You can revert changes so you never lose your original.

15. Turn on the grid for composition

The Rule of Thirds is a tool used to help get great composition for all your photos. You can turn on a grid to help guide you in Settings> Photos & Camera> Grid.

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