Everyone Should Know These 20 iPhone Hacks

Dana Covit

It’s no secret that the folks at Apple are a smart bunch. Always dreaming up new gadgets and goodies, they keep us on our toes with what’s new and buzzworthy in the technology landscape. And even though most of us may never make the Apple Watch plunge, many of us do have an iPhone! Because knowledge is power, we’ve rounded up 20 game-changing tricks and tips that will make you feel like a total tech wiz—from taking a much better selfie to cutting down on iPhone-induced eye strain. Read on!

  1. Supercharge it. If you put your phone on aeroplane mode, it will charge twice as fast.
  2. Get off the grid. Make use of offline Google Maps when travelling abroad. While you’ve still got Internet access, navigate to the area you want to save. In the search bar, type “OK maps,” then search, and the map will be cached (a.k.a. saved) for offline use.
  3. Backspace. In the Calculator app, remove an accidental extra digit by swiping left to right over the number.
  4. #Selfiehack. Use your headphones to take a selfie. Click the volume + button on the remote on your Apple or Apple-compatible earbuds while in camera mode to click and shoot, or the middle button (play/pause) while in video mode.
  5. Take a quick shot. While in lock screen, swipe up on the little camera icon in the bottom right corner of your home screen. The Camera app will open, bypassing the unlock screen.
  6. Make it level. To level anything you’re hanging or installing, use the built-in level gauge in the Compass app. Open up the Compass app, swipe to the left, and you’ll be at the level screen.
  7. Vertical integration. The current iOS setup only allows for vertical, or portrait screen lock. Go to Settings > General Accessibility > Guided Access, then slide it to the “on” position to lock in portrait.
  8. Your emoji dictionary. Want to have an "expert" decode the stranger Emojis? In Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech, turn Speak Selection on. Open Notes and type any emoji. Highlight the emoji and select the “Speak” option and Siri will decode them for you.
  9. Give your eyes some T-L-C. Cut down on nighttime eyestrain by inverting your colours. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Turn on “Invert Colours” and the background will be black and text white.
  10. Screen your calls. You can set your phone to only receive calls from the V.I.P of your life by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb, and then specifying certain contacts in Allow Calls From.
  11. A grander finale. When ending a sentence, instead of typing a period and then a space, just tap the space bar twice.
  12. Unsubscribe! Need to escape an agressive group text? Open the chat, tap Details in the upper right, select Leave this conversation. Voilà!
  13. Clear your notifications. Swipe right to left in order to banish a banner notification at the top of your phone.
  14. Easier alarm setting. Want to take a quick nap? Use the Siri command “Wake me up in X hours (or minutes)” and you’ll automatically have an alarm set.
  15. Be the paparazzi. Press and hold the shutter button on your camera to take multiple photos in quick succession (called a “burst”).
  16. Navigate faster. When browsing online, press and hold the period to get the option to automatically type a number of website suffixes, such as .com or .net.
  17. Shake it off. If you make a mistake while typing, you can shake your iPhone from left to right and it will prompt you with the option to undo your typing.
  18. Expand your vocab. There is a dictionary built into iOS that you can use to look up definitions at almost any time. If you see a word you don’t recognise in Safari, for example, tap and hold on it. One of the options that will pop up is “Define”.
  19. Get international. To use a letter with an accent, press and hold that letter and then select the correct symbol you are looking for.
  20. Be a little fancy. Upgrade from your standard quote symbols to the curved kind by pressing and holding the quote key.

Do you have any other iPhone hacks to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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