You Won’t Believe the Art You Can Create on This iPad

Lauren Powell

Apple’s latest and greatest gadgets, the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, have been dubbed the “new pen and pad”. Not only is the latest member of the iPad family bigger, faster, and smarter, but it has been built with creatives in mind. The device allows for mobile creativity thanks to its vast size and high resolutionso you can create exceptionally detailed artworks. To prove it, New York City-based Australian artist and comic illustrator, Matt Huynh, whose clients include the New York Times, Esquire, Rolling Stone and Adobe, is an avid fan and has not only shared the stunning works he has created on the iPad Pro, he’s also revealed to us his top tips for creating beautiful art on the device, along with his favourite creative apps. Scroll down to admire Huynh’s digital illustrations and learn how you can do the same!

Tip 1: Just apply pressure

Artists have been creating amazing works on iPad for some time, but sometimes your finger doesn’t provide quite the precision you want for things like drawing, sketching, or painting. Apple Pencil measures the amount of pressure you’re applying as you draw, so you can vary the weight of a line and opacity with a single gesture, just like you would with a pencil or a brush. 

Try pressing harder to draw darker or thicker lines, or use a gentle touch to lighten your brush stroke or draw a thinner line.

Tip 2: Add shading with the tilt of a hand

The Apple Pencil can also detect the angle that it's tilted, which helps you add subtle shading effects to your drawings. This is also good for calligraphy artists, as the tilt of the pen nib helps shape a line or character. 

Try tilting the Apple Pencil at steep and shallow angles, the same way you would a piece of charcoal or a traditional pencil. You can also play with pressure, to achieve lighter or darker shading effects. 

Tip 3: Keep your creativity charging 

I'm often working on the go and need my iPad and Apple Pencil running whilst I'm on public transport, in cafes, or airport lounges. The Apple Pencil runs for 12 hours at full charge but if it's low on batteries whilst I'm on deadline, I can plug the lightning connector at the end of the Apple Pencil straight into the iPad for a quick and convenient power boost.

Try quick charging with iPad Pro—15 seconds will give your Apple Pencil an extra half hour of use. 

Tip 4: Rest your hand wherever you want to

The iPad Pro can tell the difference between the Apple Pencil, your finger, and your palm, so you don’t need to worry about leaning your hand on the screen and drawing or smudging something by accident.

Try: comfortably leaning your wrist and palm on the screen while drawing with Apple Pencil—no smudges!

Tip 5: Get technical

Planning a renovation, designing new shelving, or need to create some other kind of technical drawing? The free Notes App on your iPad has a virtual ruler that you can use to draw perfectly straight lines - it will even snap to common angles and tell you exactly how long your line is.

Try opening the Notes App and using two fingers to bring up the virtual ruler - happy planning!

Great creative apps for iPad Pro:


Paper by FiftyThree

Adobe Sketch

See Huynh's iPad Pro digital illustrations below. 

Shop the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for yourself, or as a gift for one of creative friends this Christmas. 

Have you created anything on the iPad Pro? If so, tell us what you love about it!

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