Yes, Really: Dining in Bondi With a Baby Can Be Easy and Enjoyable

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

What do you get when you put together a female creative director, a male skateboarding model/DJ, and a baby boy named Rhythm Wyld? The coolest most wild Australian couple, of course. One Teaspoon got up close with the husband and wife duo, Sasha and Oli Benz to find out how the genetically blessed couple first met, their favourite looks on each other, and the best places to eat out in Sydney (you can trust them, they spend half their time in NYC eating at some of the best restaurants in the world).

Read on to find out what you didn’t already know, but want to know, about the couple you’ll want to be.



ONE TEASPOON: How did you meet?

SASHA BENZ: It’s a very romantic story, but it’s quite long to explain. In short, we had been dating about a year, and we only realised that we had actually met years back when Oli told me a story of this girl he once met in costume at Halloween that ‘took his breath away’. I believe that person was me.

OT: How have you changed since meeting one another?

SB: Hahaha yes! Where do I begin….I think Oli has shown me how to enjoy life and not take everything so seriously – he has also brought in more physical adventure, being a surfer and activity fiend helps to motivate me ‘at times’.

OLI BENZ: I’ve become more driven. She has help changed my abilities to push through barriers.



OT: Sasha, what's your favourite look on on Oli?

SB: After a surf (wet hair, topless). Though I do love him when he’s total dapper.

OT: And Oli, your favourite look on Sasha?

OB: Hair pulled back, no makeup and no clothes.

OT: What is your favourite spot in Sydney?

SB: We are a sucker for an early wine and salad at The Shop in Bondi. It’s small, epic food, local and baby friendly. But in terms of sacred ground/favourite spot – probably the beach across from my folks place. It holds a lot of personal memories for us, and it’s always quiet and peaceful, which is often hard to find in our world.

OB: I’d have to say El Topo. Mexican on the roof with great music and great margies. Every now and then I’ll DJ which makes it even better!

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