What to Say in an Interview to Ensure You Get the Job

Katie Sweeney

Looking for a job can be nerve-racking, and the dreaded interview is often the most intimidating part of the process. So what if you knew exactly what to say to ensure you got the job?

While it’s almost impossible to know specifically what the hiring manager is looking for, a recent Fortune article discusses just this. According to the story, the most important question you’ll be asked is the inevitable, “Why should my company hire you?” The best possible answer? Explain how you’ll improve the company. Avoid saying that you’re a hard worker, loyal, or a team player. Instead, tell the interviewer what ideas you have that will make the companyand their personal positionbetter.

Talk about the benefits you will bring to the table before you mention the qualities that allow you to do this. Author Tom Sullivan says that “your background, experience and education are just features that support your benefit to the company. Features may have gotten you in the door for the interview, but benefits will get you the job. Therefore, always answer this question with benefits first, followed by features.” To learn more about the difference between benefits and features, visit Fortune.com.

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What do you think is the most important thing you can say in an interview?

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