9 Things That Make Your Home Less Sophisticated

by MyDomaine

When it comes to taking interior design to the next level, the devil is often in the details. There exist a string of small tweaks only the pros know that, once implemented, instantly transform any space into pure perfection. We've narrowed down our list of favourite quick fixes to keep your home looking its absolute best. From choosing the proper frame for key works of art to eliminating clutter, these easy-to-execute style tips will have your abode photo-ready. They might just be the easiest summer revamp project ever.

To drive the point home, we've curated nine artful spaces that get it completely right. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so take a page from these expertly polished and pristine interiors to level up your own styling game at home. Brightly sophisticated and traditionally chic, they promise to inspire any space. And if you're working on a budget, these simple home hacks will upgrade your space without a total overhaul. It's almost too easy.

Now that you know how to prevent bringing down the look of your home, read up on our tips for decorating like a millionaire on any budget.

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