8 Trends We’re Trying to Make Happen in 2019

Hadley Mendelsohn


We get why certain designs and styles catch on, but who decides what makes them cool and covetable is a bit less clear. Where do trends come from, anyway? Is it a top-down dynamic or the other way around? Probably a bit of both, which is more obvious in a fashion context, where can see obvious streetwear influences on the runway and vice-versa.

The same element of fluidity is true for interior design, too. We're constantly seeing retro designs reimagined, and outdated and "ugly" pieces suddenly cropping up in the coolest shops. To put it simply, we're going to side with Gretchen Wieners on this one: If you want to make fetch happen badly enough, you can.

With that in mind, we asked all the MyDomaine editors which trends they're going to adopt at home, even if they haven't quite blown up yet (and we have a feeling they will in 2019, though that's not the point). 

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