Interior Designers Reveal the Décor Decisions They Regret—and How to Fix Them

Gabrielle Savoie

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Everyone makes mistakes when designing their homes. From taking the rug out of the moving truck last to not measuring your door clearance before buying bulky furniture, we've all had an oh no moment that makes us question our capabilities as design enthusiasts. The good news is we're not alone; even top designers have purchased items in the wrong scale or forgotten to consider small but important electrical details.

To make us feel a little better about our own décor blunders—and to preemptively avoid future errors—we reached out to a handful of insanely talented interior designers, like Athena Calderone and Emily Henderson, and asked them to share their biggest decorating faux pas, along with what they learned from their mistakes. The good news: There is a solution to everything. So stop beating yourself up for your own interior design mistakes and learn how to avoid future ones.

Not Considering Fire Hazards


Tracey AytonDESIGN: Gillian Segal

"This was a near-miss mistake," recalls interior designer Gillian Segal. "We were about to order custom drapery for this project off our floor plans and measurements. Thank goodness we conducted a site visit at our clients to double-check everything before ordering because we realised an electric baseboard heater had been installed under the set of sliding doors, which could have been a major fire hazard!”

The Lesson: Safety first. "We always make sure to double-check measures and items before we order, particularly on custom goods, which are not returnable. When it comes to installing drapery, make sure to check that there are no heaters close by that could be a serious hazard."

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