10 Subtle Choices That Instantly Cheapen Your Home

Sophie Miura

Creating a thoughtfully styled home takes time, and there's nothing more frustrating than buying the finishing touch for a room only to step back and feel like something is amiss. Is it the position of the sofa? Is the coffee table too low? When you're close to a project, these simple styling choices might not seem important, but interior design experts say that a few subtle mistakes can instantly cheapen your room. Yes, even if you've splurged on a statement sofa or vintage artwork, something as seemingly insignificant as the size of a rug could undermine the space.

Curious to know if you're committing a faux pas? We turned to leading interior design experts to find out about the most common styling mistakes they notice when they first walk into a home. From generic hardware to dated bathroom accessories, it's clear that small details count. Here are the top 10 subtle styling mistakes that instantly cheapen your home—and how to fix them.

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