Instagram Has Just Launched a New Feature and We’re Obsessed

Lauren Powell


We didn’t think it was possible to love Instagram any more than we currently do, but our obsession with the photo sharing platform just hit peak levels thanks to another genius new feature. Allow us to introduce to you to Sidecar.

From today, you can share multiple photos and videos (up to 10) in one post. No longer do you need to just choose the single best photo from an event, experience, or memory—you can post them all! Your followers will be able to swipe through your gallery to view your story of photos and video.

For those of you who want to give it a whirl (count us in!), here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Tap the upload button as you normally would and select the new option to upload multiple photos and videos.

2. Edit your post as little or as much as you want—filter everything at once or edit individual photos and videos.

3. The cover photo of your post will be the first photo or video you share. Tap and hold to change the order or remove a photo or video from your selection.

4. Captions and location tags apply to the entire post, as well as likes and comments. You can tag friends in individual photos and videos.

5. When you see a post like this in feed, you'll notice a grey bar with blue dots at the bottom. Swipe back and forth to view the entire post. 

One of our favourite Sidecar post so far was posted by our US sister site, Who What Wearcheck it out for some quality Sidecar inspiration.

Instagram, you’ve done it again.

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