People Are Freaking Out About Instagram's New Logo

Sophie Miura

Instagram updated its logo and in-app design on Wednesday, and people are not happy. Dubbed a "travesty" by Adweek and described as "the great Instagram logo freakout of 2016" by The New York Times, the social media company's move to replace its recognisable brown camera logo has been met with mass hysteria. 

So, what's all the fuss about? The new design features a simplified rainbow-hued version of the original camera icon, a fresh look that reflects the app's growth in popularity from a simple photo-sharing platform to "a global community of interests" with over 400 million users that give it "life and colour," the company said in a statement

Instagram also changed the in-app design, but those updates were subtle. Among the minor tweaks, you might notice the navigation bar is now white and icons have a simple line design.

Despite the relatively small change, users took to social media to share their distaste. "The new Instagram logo looks like a rejected starburst flavour," says one Twitter user. BuzzFeed reporter Katherine Miller adds that it "looks like something you press on a dreary day in an ad then Pitbull’s there and everyone’s drinking Dr. Pepper."

We hear you: It's just a logo! Now let's go back to Instagramming. 

Haven't seen Instagram's new look? Watch the video below; then download version 8.0 from the App Store to check it out.

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