17 Quotes From the World's Most Successful Women

Lauren Powell

When successful women talk, we listen. We want to hear and then implement every piece of wisdom, advice, and the lessons they are willing to share. So when The Game Changers launched, a book that features the success secrets of 40 of the world’s most inspiring women, we couldn’t get enough. The aptly titled coffee table book features tales from the trail-blazing likes of Arianna Huffington, Elle MacPherson, Rachel Zoe, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lorna Jane—read: pages and pages of #GirlBoss wisdom.

Its authors—renowned journalist, Samantha Brett, and global influencer, Steph Adams—have spent more than two decades between them interviewing and profiling some of the most influential people around the globe and they realised that these people all had a few pertinent qualities in common—“they are fearless in their pursuits, unafraid to go after what they want, and do not let the fear of failure deter them.” Scroll down to be inspired by our 17 favourite quotes from the book.

Experiment and take risks.

Arianna Huffington

You can be successful and kind. You don’t have to step on people to get where you need to be. Be honest and loyal, and you will win.

Rachel Zoe

Be kind to yourself.

Meghan Markle

My friends who were widowed before me showed me that it was possible to walk, or even crawl after life deals you a crippling blow. No matter how they moved forward or how much they didn’t want life to go on, they showed me the strength needed to survive. They showed me the world keeps turning, life goes on, and that healing takes time and courage.

Taya Kyle (Wife of American Sniper, Chris Kyle)

Don’t suffer fools, go straight for what means something and what feels good.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Find co-dreamers: people who understand and support your dreams.

Elle MacPherson

Learn from others and be humble.

Emma Jane Pilkington

Find what it is that you love to do and work out a way to turn it into a business.

Lorna Jane

It’s really important to take the emotion out of how you deal with tricky situations; be assertive, direct and focus your energy on moving forward.

Sophia Webster

Rejection is an inevitable part of the journey to success.

Camilla Cleese

Don’t do anything just for money, do it for your passion and money will come later. At least you will love doing what you do!

Melissa Odabash

Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Rebecca Williams

Get on with it, and don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes. You are the author of your story; the creator of your destiny, so don’t let anyone tell you no.

Philippa Pomeranz (Producer of Fashion Bloggers TV)

Listen to your gut instinct, take risks, don’t take no for an answer, and work your butt off doing something you love.

Candice Lake

Create something first and then trust that the community and customers will follow, when it’s the right time.

Sarah Wilson

Sometimes you don’t always know where you are going, but if you do what you love the path will become more clear.

Steph Adams

When one thing isn’t working, switch gears!

Samantha Brett
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