Increase the Value of Your Property in Just 9 Easy Steps

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Looking to sell, lease or simply give your property an overhaul? Making a few minor, but key and effective updates is never a bad idea. And the best news? It doesn’t have to break the bank.

Cherie Barber, TV renovator on Channel Ten’s The Living Room, and owner and founder of Renovating For Profit, shares with us her most important lesson when aiming to increase the value of your home: minimum spend for maximum impact. “Prioritising the changes that are going to have the most visual impact for the least amount of effort and spend,” explains Barber.

Read on to see the nine updates Barber recommends you try during the renovation journey.

If you’ve got non-load bearing walls, such as stud walls; box off areas that would work better as open plan, then consider taking them down. Many older properties benefit from a well-considered layout change, sometimes even converting dead space to an additional bedroom.

Carpets can enclose a space and make rooms feel smaller. Plus, they don’t always age gracefully, whereas polished floorboards have timeless appeal. Ripping up carpets and polishing the floorboards in a shimmering high gloss—or even just laying a floating floor in laminate or timber veneer—transforms a property.

Who doesn’t love a spacious, contemporary kitchen with all the mod-cons? The trouble is, kitchen renovations can cost a bomb. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a brand new kitchen, and the existing one is in good shape but simply dated, a cosmetic refresh will work wonders. Just head to the paint aisle of your local hardware store, and stock up on laminate paint, tile paint, appliance paint… and get painting! You’ll be amazed at the transformation.

The same goes for your bathroom—there are specialty products for just about every kind of resurfacing, from the vanity, to the tiles, and even the bath and basin. Remember, meticulous preparation is the key to a professional finish, then update the tapware. If you have a dated, frosted, shower screen, pick up a new clear glass one for around $200 and in an instant you’ve got a bathroom that’s as good as new.

You’ll need to get the electrician in for this one—daggy, gloomy lighting will drag any place down, while smart lighting brightens and adds wow-factor. Store such as Bunnings and Ikea have a vast selection of modern lighting, so one visit should sort out your entire property.

Shabby curtains, dusty old vertical blinds, heavy drapes—out they go! One of the cheapest alternatives is slim line micro venetian blinds from Bunnings. They look modern, filter the light beautifully and come in a range of sizes.

Now it’s time to turn your attention to the exterior and that all-important kerb appeal. Get rid of any eyesores like garbage bins, rubbish piles or gutters bulging with leaves. Tend to any repairs needed, and consider hiring a high-pressure hose for the outside paths, driveways and external hard surfaces.

With exterior cleaning and improvements out of the way, break out the green thumb. Cut back unruly trees and foliage. Add fresh cypress-blonde woodchips to garden beds, sprinkle your lawn with lawn food to stimulate growth, and maybe even spruce up old paths and your driveway with a couple of coats of paving paint. 

So now you’re all done with the major stuff, stand back and look at your makeover with a really critical eye. Could you do with some new house numbers or a more contemporary letter box? Are the skylights so grubby they’re actually inhibiting light coming in? As they say, the devil is in the detail. And you’ve been so devilishly smart with your makeover, you don’t want any little oversights to spoil the big picture.

What effective value increasing updates have you made to your property? Share with us in the comments below!

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