The Daily Edited's Co-Founder Just Launched a New Lifestyle Brand

Lauren Payne

Courtesy of In the Roundhouse 

These days, its more common to find colourful plates, bowls and mugs in the kitchen than simple black and white. Although there are quite a few bold crockery sets on the market, there aren't many that make your home feel like a French café, but In the Roundhouse is about to change that. 

In the Roundhouse just launched its first collection of crockery sets with four unique designs that can transform any home into a European getaway. Alyce Tran, co-founder of The Daily Edited, has launched the brand with magazine editor Brooke Bickmore, to create timeless homewares for every occasion at an attainable price point. 

The brand's first shoppable pieces are four distinct styles of plates and can be purchased individually, or as a set. The Lines and Summer collections are full of bright pastel shades which are so appropriate for the festive season, the Blue collection is bold and will catch the eyes of your guests, whether you're serving food or not, and the Words collection will make you feel like you're dining at Café de Flore with its French-inspired details. If you like more than one design, you can also create your own unique crockery set, mixing and matching your favourite pieces so you don't have to choose just one. 

In the Roundhouse has brought European style to Australia at an affordable price. Keep reading to shop the collections and add a touch of French flair to your home. 

Take a closer look at the collection below:


Courtesy of In the Roundhouse 

Shop the new collection:

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