I Tried a Beauty Editor’s 8-Part Flight Routine—This Product Actually Worked

Sophie Miura

I have a mild obsession with watching aeroplane beauty tutorials. There's just something so soothing about the methodical way skincare experts follow a mid-flight routine, then arrive at their destination looking fresh-faced, as if they have emerged from a five-star spa treatment rather than a 10-hour red-eye. Products tumble out of their carry-on as comically as a clown car routine, and before you know it, they have applied no less than 15 serums, masks, lotions, and potions to their plump, dewy skin. It makes for great Instagram fodder—but does a lengthy in-flight beauty routine actually work?

With a boarding pass from New York to Rome in hand, I decided to find out. Referencing the detailed skincare routines of beauty experts like Eleanor Pendelton and Byrdie's editorial director Faith Xue, I packed the products they swear by and noted the various order each item was applied. Here's what happened when I tried an edited nine-part travel skincare routine, and the product that made me a convert. 

Upon landing, I've been told a little tinted moisturiser never goes astray. This option from Charlotte Tilbury gives skin a healthy glow too, so it's great for seaside vacations. 

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