There’s Only One Thing You Need to Do to Be Happier—This Is It

Katie Sweeney
I'm into learning the habits of highly successful people, so when I came across a headline that claims there is only one ritual you need to do every day in order to be happy, I immediately had to know what it was. According to Time, the “simple solution customized for you—yes, you—that can make your happy moments happier, can help you overcome grief, increase your performance at work, and even stop procrastinating is to use more rituals.” While this may seem confusing at first, science says that simply having a ritual is the most important part of any ritual.

People are often too busy rushing around, so taking the time to do something that you “always do before a big (or little) moment that sets you at ease, focuses your attention, or steels your resolve can have a huge effect on how you feel and how well you perform.” The story goes on to point out that if you make a toast before taking a drink, the libation tastes better. Why? Performing the simple ritual of toasting makes you more mindful of the consumption experience, and you end up savoring the beverage more.

Rituals are especially significant for children. Kids in families with predictable routines who often eat together have better overall health and achieve more in school. Find the rituals that work for you and stay true to them. 

Learn more about how rituals can affect your level of happiness by reading Happiness Is a Habit ($26) by Michele Phillips. 

What are some of your daily rituals? 

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