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Since developing a serious online shopping habit, we tend to favour brands that let us add-to-cart than those with just a bricks-and-mortar offering. There is of course one exception to that rule: IKEA.

Despite swarming crowds and the fact that you need map to navigate the store, we still make regular trips to IKEA because both the product and the price are just to good to resist. But here's the good news—soon you'll have both benefits, without having to wade through an argument over colour schemes with your partner in the bathroom section.

This morning, the mega-store announced via SMH that they'll soon be rolling out the ability to shop their products online, beginning THIS YEAR.

That's right minimalists and Scandi-style fans, you heard correctly: by the end of this year, you could be adding IKEA to your shopping-scroll list.

At the moment, IKEA sells online in only 13 of the 28 countries that have retail outlets but that's about to change, with the company developing a single e-commerce platform globally in the next two years. The brand will also begin opening up to eight smaller format stores here (eschewing the need for that aforementioned map), which will stock classics like Billy bookcases.

Although shopping online rather than in-store will mean missing out on an excuse to indulge in Swedish meatballs, we'll take the convenience factor over a cramped Saturday morning wandering the labyrinthine corridors any day. 

Read more about IKEA's new e-commerce site on The Sydney Morning Herald.

While you wait for IKEA online to drop, why not shop our next favourite affordable homewares joint? (Hello there Kmart hacks!)



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