This Is How Beyoncé's Stylist Would Redecorate Your Bedroom

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It's no secret that we're fans of IKEA's affordable, Scandinavian-chic wares, so when MyDomaine was invited to travel to Älmhult, Sweden, to learn firsthand about the brand's collaborations and new products, we quickly cleared our schedule. This year's Democratic Design Days event certainly lived up to the hype—and then some. There was an announcement that IKEA will partner with Kanye West's creative director, Beyoncé's stylist dropped by, and Swedish deejay group Teenage Engineering lit up the stage in anticipation of a party-inspired collection.

Brace yourselves: If these new products and collaborations are any indication, our IKEA obsession is about to reach new heights in 2017. Here's the must-know IKEA news, according to your decorating focus:

If you love modern Scandinavian design…

Last year, we discovered that IKEA is teaming up with the design duo behind Danish brand Hay, and last week, we were finally able to see and test out every product in the collection. Yes, it's everything you'd hoped for: Our favourite items include a black powder-coated metal tray side table, blond wood stools, an understated grey sofa, and semi-circle-shaped mirrors that will dress up any blank wall.

Ypperlig will launch in October 2017.

If you spend most of your paycheck on expensive candles…

If you've got expensive taste in scented candles, we've got good news for your home (and wallet): IKEA is teaming up with Byredo to explore new ways of adding fragrance to your home. You'll probably recognise Byredo's signature black-and-white semi-sphere perfume bottles—they're in almost every cool-girl bathroom cabinet in New York, Paris, and London. While the brand remained tight-lipped about what the collaboration entails, we were told it will be far beyond scented candles. Watch this space.

The IKEA x Byredo collaboration will launch in 2019.


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If you're decorating your first apartment…

Kanye West's longtime creative director, Virgil Abloh, wants to change the way we decorate our first apartments. The fashion designer and founder of Off-White told MyDomaine that he'll focus on the details that imbue a room with personality. "Right now this project is in the early phases, so it's limitless. Of course, there are basics like coffee tables and a couch, but it's an environment," he explained in an exclusive interview. "I'm interested in the mass things, like a big rug, but I'm also interested in what makes a space cool and comforting. It could be the smallest ashtray."

The IKEA x Off-White collaboration will launch in 2019.

If you're looking to update your bedroom…

You mightn't be familiar with Bea Åkerlund, but chances are you know her work. Åkerlund, a Swedish stylist and costume designer based in L.A. calls Beyoncé, Madonna, and Rihanna clients and is the mastermind behind a number of major red carpet and pop culture moments.

She's teaming up with IKEA to launch a boudoir collection that's bursting with personality: think lip-shaped cushions, a vase that looks like a top hat, and a 3D-printed hand that acts as a jewellery stand. "I always try to tell a story, and I create pieces that represent me," she told MyDomaine in an exclusive interview. "I wanted to use clothing and styling objects and turning them into homeware."

Omedelbar will launch in March 2018.

If you want furniture that will last beyond your first rental…

Tom Dixon wants you to "hack" his IKEA product. The British designer is poised to launch a platform at IKEA that can be customised with accessories that will be sold at the Swedish retailer and in his own high-end stores. "The frame starts off as a bed and can become anything you want," he told MyDomaine. "The idea is to stop this cycle of disposable culture. [People] might buy a bed, and when they move out of their student accommodation, they might discard it and buy a double bed. This can become a couch by [customising it with] bits that you add on. If we're lucky, other third parties will start 'hacking' it," he says, noting that furniture cover brand Bemz has already announced it will launch high-quality fabric slips to customise the product.

We're curious to see the accessories Dixon will launch in his eponymous stores, which he hinted will be in line with his high-end price point rather than IKEA's affordable range. While we're yet to find out what the collection will include, he mentioned using materials like marble, which would transform the basic, sturdy platform into a luxury item.

Delaktig will launch in February 2018.

Which collaboration are you most excited about? See this IKEA art work that you can take home with you today.

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