This May Be the Most Genius IKEA Item Ever (and It Starts at $7)

Sacha Strebe

Despite your best efforts to keep your home from looking dated, time has a way of making any space feel tired. It’s not necessarily the design style or theme, but the pieces themselves that inevitably wear from daily use, and the wall paint loses that first coat shine too. It’s just par for the ageing course. While some of us can choose to explore the renovation route, this is a big expense and not always a viable option for everyone (especially those of us who pay rent). But we’ve found the next best thing: IKEA hardware.

It’s the single most affordable upgrade anyone can do (this is a DIY project even the least handy of us can easily execute). There’s something transformative about replacing drawer and cabinet pulls in the kitchen (and bathroom, too) or adding a new handle to a tired pantry door. It brings a modern touch and adds new life instantly. Try it. We guarantee you’ll notice a difference. Besides, it’s not like it’s going to cost you. Ahead, shop our favourite IKEA hardware picks.

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