There's an IKEA Product in Every Room of This House—Can You Spot Them?

Sophie Miura

House hunting can be an emotional ride. Too often, you fall in love with a home because of the way it's styled, only to discover it has been staged with designer furniture that equates to a downpayment. That's exactly the scenario Vancouver-based realtor Mosaic Homes is seeking to change with its IKEA Hack series, where entire model homes are designed with clever modifications to basic IKEA pieces. 

"Budget is an integral part of our design process because it is the reality of how most people live," says interior designer Laura Melling, who collaborated with Mosaic to style this home in Surrey, British Columbia. "When done well, there is this sweet spot when the high and low elements balance one another out to produce a compelling experience."

Though this two-bedroom, 1087-square-foot home looks high-end, each room hides a unique, inventive IKEA hack. Whether it be replacing a table top, wall-mounting storage units, or building a canopy over a basic bed, there's certainly no shortage of gorgeous DIY ideas in this home. The question is, can you spot them?

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