I Asked IKEA Designers What They'd Change About My Tiny Room

Hadley Mendelsohn

When I moved from Los Angeles to New York, I went from living in a spacious apartment by myself to a cramped three-bedroom apartment. While this meant leaving most of my belongings behind and adjusting to life with way less square footage, it did offer some perks: I was able to start from scratch and get professional guidance about how to maximise a teeny room. And when it comes to smart, stylish home solutions, who could be better to turn to than a team of IKEA designers? 

So that's just what I did. After inviting over the IKEA Home Tour team for a quick consultation, they returned a few days later to help me install the essential items that would give my bedroom a much-needed facelift. Working closely with Rocky Brewer and Genna Riggins, we isolated the problem areas and swapped them out with better alternatives. The best part is that these seven small-space decorating tips are easy to apply at home for your own IKEA bedroom makeover. Keep reading to see what they found to be the biggest problems and how to fix them for more efficient space with stellar feng shui. 

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