The Chic Take on Australia's Most Iconic Dishes

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

This Australia Day, we’re embracing our country’s great tucker, but adding a chic, gourmet twist. Just when you thought the classics couldn’t get any better, they did. Take your favourite iconic dishes to the next level and impress your fellow Aussies like you never have before. Scroll down for a fancy take on our most-loved dishes.

Meat Pie


Courtesy of Gourmet Traveller

The humble meat pie has been a nation’s favourite since we can remember and nothing has changed. And while we wouldn’t say no to a Four’N Twenty from the local bakery, this gourmet version of the Aussie classic is restaurant-worthy.



Courtesy of Sophisticated Gourmet

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Pavlova anymore—say hello to the strawberry pavlova recipe. It’s crisp on the outside, marshmallowy on the inside, and topped with whipped cream, a casual spiral of raspberry jam, several handfuls of strawberries, and a smattering of coarsely chopped pistachio nuts. Just. So. Good.



Courtesy of Msihua

When you think of quintessential Australian food, lamington jumps the top of the list. The chocolate-meets-coconut-meets-cake combination cannot be beat. This double chocolate lamington recipe is a fresh twist on the classic version and we think you will be just as satisfied, if not more.



Courtesy of Food to Love

The once delicacy for swagmen is now enjoyed by us all, but just not necessarily the version that’s baked in the coals of a campfire. This Aussie damper recipe is so simple and tasty you won’t be able to stop at one loaf. To serve: Add a dollop of butter.

Sausage Sandwich


Courtesy of Food To Love

Love a sausage sanger? You’ll love this take on the iconic Australia snack more. This gourmet sausage sandwich has everything you like about the classic version, but more. Just add turkish bread, caramelised onion, relish, and cos lettuce. Yum!



Courtesy of Food To Love

While we’d be more than happy with vegemite on toast, this cheese and vegemite scroll recipe takes our favourite spread to a whole new level. These bite-sized balls of cheesy goodness with a hint of Vegemite are the definition of crowd-pleaser. Hosting an Australia Day party? Get baking!

Serve these treats on a beautiful serving plate—shop our favourites below.

What is your favourite iconic Australian dish? Share with us below!

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