This Working Mother Shares Her Genius Time Management Secrets

Lauren Powell

Every working mother knows better than anyone that staying organised and productive day-after-day can be a tough gig, to say the least. From the daily school runs, to the seemingly endless to-do-lists, constant meal prep, all while staying on top of your game professionally—this is undoubtedly the definition of a juggling act. And this isn’t even half of it. The perfect example of a working mother nailing multitasking is stylist, digital editor, and founder of Style by Yellow Button, Claire Fabb. And while we’ve already learned these eight secrets productive women know about good time management and have taken on board these successful women’s top productivity tips, this mother of two has shared with us her foolproof organisational hacks that allow her to stay on top of her game—every single day. Are you struggling to find order in your daily life? Read on.  

1. Prioritising is key

"My family comes first and work comes second. I fit in school runs and after school activities whenever I can."

2. Stay charged

"It sounds silly, but I always make sure I keep my mobile office charged. My laptop and my phone are all I need and come with me everywhere so they need juice, always. Keeping them charged up is imperative."

3. R&R

"Weekends are for family time. I try not to look at emails and often leave my phone either off, or left behind not to get distracted from that quality time with my partner and our children."

4. Exercise

"I try and work it into my everyday no matter how little. If I can walk there, I will."


5. Drink tea

"Every night I love pouring a pot of herbal tea—it's a ritual that sets my body clock into a calm and restful slumber."

6. Plan holidays

"I love having things to look forward to—I always need to have a holiday booked in the future."

7. Diarise

"Life is busy and usually every minute is accounted for. Having regular spots for exercise or meetings definitely helps."

8. Plan ahead

"I always know what my week entails the Sunday before. Having the week ahead clearing scheduled and organised works well for me. Even though there are things that come up last minute, I much prefer everything being planned than not." 

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