The Most Appropriate Notes to Send for Every Occasion

Lauren Powell


We have lost count of the amount of times we have been stumped for words when attempting to write a note to a loved one—whether it be a thank you card, a letter to send your condolences, or a congratulatory note—we want our words to express our thoughts to a tee. Etiquette expert, Anna Musson, the founder of The Good Manners Company, has revealed how to send the most appropriate note for every occasion—say goodbye to writers' block once and for all and become the queen of courtesy.

“Before the internet when we corresponded by mail and personal messenger, a well-mannered person had personalised stationery. This would have their first and last name on the paper and their home address on the back of the envelope. While this custom has been superseded by modern convenience, the written word is still more personal and seems more thoughtful than the electronic wordwhen was the last time you printed out an email and placed it on the mantle?  

The handwritten note or card increases in value as the electronic card becomes more popular. Why? Because it takes time, effort and money for the former—the latter can all be done within 30 seconds from bed. Having said that, any card is better than nothing, even one sent on social media.

Notes should be written in your most legible hand writing, not typed, as they need to be personal. They should be signed and, if the recipient would appreciate it, feel free to add little drawings or something that is fun between you, a smiley face is perfectly acceptable.

All letters should have the date at the top and if you are writing to someone you haven’t met, signoff should be “yours faithfully”, if you know them and the tone is formal use “yours sincerely”, and if you know them and the tone is relaxed, “kind regards, best wishes and best regards” are all suitable.

Finally, write your address on the back of the envelope—home address if it’s a personal note and work address if it’s a business contact.”

Read on to find out how to write the most appropriate note for every occasion—keep these expert-approved examples filed for your next handwritten correspondence.

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