11 Ways to Wear a Button-Down That Prove You Can Basically Live In It

Hadley Mendelsohn

If I could only wear one top for the rest of my life, the choice would be easy (and not because I don't appreciate variation): my dad's hand-me-down oxford shirt. It works as a beach cover-up, office blouse, going-out top, and even a makeshift Halloween costume. Not only is the humble button-down the most multipurpose piece in my closet, it's also anything but boring when you know how to style it and what to pair it with.

To make my case, I rounded up 11 different examples of fashionable ways to wear a button-down shirt that appeal to a variety of occasions, moods, and styles. Ready to get some mileage out of this unsung wardrobe hero? Read on to learn all the stylish ways to wear a button-down to work, dinner, dates, and everywhere in between. Getting dressed is about to get so much easier.

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