This is How to Capture Instagram-Worthy Holiday Snaps

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


Ditch your DSLR, digital camera, and iPhone 7 this summer because there’s a new (but old) camera having a moment. It's creating some of the most unique shots in town and we want in on the action... Say hello to the vintage analogue Polaroid camera, which is finding its way into the hands of more photographer enthusiasts and avid travellers around the world thanks to its raw, abstract-like photographs that look like they could have been discovered in your parent’s attic.

Professional Polaroid landscape photographer and founder of Gone to Sea, Adam Harriden, has shared his secrets to snapping a frame-worthy travel shot—something that has taken him years to perfect. A beautiful print taken by you on a memorable holiday that looks like it could have been taken five decades ago? Yes, please. 

Keep it simple

When it comes to colours of the beach—you need to find somewhere that is loaded with different hues. Unfortunately sunrises and sunsets are really hard to capture, so go for bold beach days with lots of people.

Add some interest into the scene

When shooting a landscape, don’t be afraid to hold up a flower or shoot through a bottle. Be sure to experiment—it’s all fun and you never know what will work.

It’s not meant to look perfect

The biggest mistake people make is to expect a perfect photo and get frustrated when they don’t get one—that’s the whole point, try to appreciate the imperfect, the rough, and the scratches—this is art.

Be aware of sunlight

Never shoot straight into the sun because you’ll see a black dot where the sun is, and this doesn't look good.

be still

Try to shoot with as little movement as possible.

Develop the film in a cool area

Always develop the film in a cool, dark area—I find this always gives a better image outcome.

Try different options

Don't forget that there are options for shooting on your lens as it’s easy to forget them—this will help with various weather conditions.

Double check your cartridge

When loading film, be sure to push your cartridge down firmly. Always double check it’s locked in—there’s nothing worse than losing an entire roll of film.

Experiment in water

Don't be afraid to take the camera into the water. Keep it above the head, time it right, and you may just get that one amazing picture.

Practise makes perfect

Stick with it. It takes years to perfect techniques—form developing, to light conditions, it all takes time, but the end result can be amazing—something you'll never be able to get from Instagram or your computer.

You can find Harriden’s work at Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay and Kab Galleries in Terrigal, plus online at Gone to Sea. Feel free to touch base with him with any other questions about capturing that perfect shot this summer and shop a selection of our favourite prints below. 

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